oh, I'm the king of hearts

livin' in a fantasy...
Hey, my name is Marina, I'm 17 years old and live in Brazil. I am a girl who enjoys all types of rock, but my passion is the band of my life, that I dedicate this tumblr: KISS. The hottest band in the world, oh yeah, so hot. If I like other bands? Yes, I love, I love a lot of bands in the same style but, if I mention here all these other bands, I will lose my fucking time.
Anyway, likes me? Talk to me, I do not bite. However, I am a friendly person, I accept any kind of opinion, criticism, or anything. Be kind. I am a very calm person too. But do not make me angry. Is a hint. So, I think I spoke too fucking. Now if you want to know more about me, check the ask, it's free. Enjoy my tumblr and welcome to the show. :)